There is little doubt that cells have been where the majority of new insurance vehicle applications and set-ups have been in Guernsey over the past few years.
Evolution PCC can help you in many different areas.

A protected cell is an efficient and cost effective vehicle through which the reinsurance markets can be accessed, either with the cell offering pure fronting (where local legislation allows a direct policy to be written) or more usually whereby risks ceded into the cell by a local fronting company (or a fronting company such as Evolution Insurance Company Limited) are then passed into the retrocession market at a lower premium therefore generating a reinsurance arbitrage profit for the protected cell at little or no retained risk.



A protected cell set up in Guernsey which in turn is fully reinsured for its maximum inward liability could be set up with effectively no capital due to the 100% allowance for reinsurance offered by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. This means that protected cells make very efficient reinsurance arbitrage vehicles. A protected cell within Evolution PCC also allows for faster and lower cost entry and exit than the captive alternative and Robus as Managers of Evolution PCC have practical experience of setting up similar vehicles.