There is little doubt that cells have been where the majority of new insurance vehicle applications and set-ups have been in Guernsey over the past few years.
Evolution PCC can help you in many different areas.

Protected cells have already successfully been used as a vehicle to provide Managing General Agents (MGAs) with the ability to start participating on the risks with which they are associated by having a risk accepting facility. Such risks tend to be passed into the protected cell on a quota share basis by a fronting insurer as a means of participating on the underwriting profits of a particular book or books of business being managed by the MGA. A protected cell within Evolution PCC is a more cost efficient vehicle by which MGAs can participate on these risks rather than having to set up their own stand alone vehicle or direct insurer.



The fronting insurer may well charge a ceding commission and over time request collateral for the risks being ceded to the protected cell, but with a stable book of business with sufficiently low loss ratios this does not prevent the protected cell from generating underwriting profits and on more risky books of business then a stop loss reinsurance policy is a way of reducing the MGA’s downside risk when participating on the portfolio in this manner. A protected cell within Evolution PCC allows for faster and lower cost entry and exit than the captive alternative and Robus as Managers of Evolution PCC have practical experience of setting up similar vehicles.



Evolution also has an insurance company in Gibraltar, Evolution Insurance Company Limited, which is authorised and regulated in Gibraltar by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Because Gibraltar is a member of the European Union, EICL is able to “passport” into all EU member countries which means that it is permitted to underwrite throughout Europe including the UK. This means that the Evolution Group can provide both the EU fronting and a reinsurance cell to those MGA’s looking to retain an element of underwriting risk.