There is little doubt that cells have been where the majority of new insurance vehicle applications and set-ups have been in Guernsey over the past few years.
Evolution PCC can help you in many different areas.

Evolution Insurance PCC Limited (Evolution PCC) is a Guernsey licensed PCC set up specifically to write niche insurance products from an offshore domicile and in turn reinsure its cells with specialist Lloyd’s underwriters.


The majority of business currently being concluded within Evolution PCC is utilising protected cells to write insurance for Fine Art and related business, including coverage for sculptures, paintings, drawings, other artwork and items of jewellery.


The Cell retains a small proportion of each loss above which losses are fully reinsured on an excess of loss basis typically by Lloyds Syndicates. The cell then retains premiums amounting to a percentage of the Gross Written Premiums (GWP) being ceded to the Cell and the remaining GWP less initial ceding commission will be paid away as reinsurance premium. This net premium retained by the Cell is always more than sufficient to fund the Cell’s maximum retained aggregate exposure and the majority of the client fine art risk is passed through to well rated and financially secure reinsurers.


The offshore nature of this coverage allows our sophisticated and high net worth individual clients to access the specific type of cover that they need via the reinsurance market and we work with major Brokers such as Gallagher Heath to provide their clients the coverage they are looking for.


Through similar mechanisms our protected cells are also able to offer kidnap and ransom coverage for individuals who require this type of indemnity.


To find out more about Fine Art Insurance, please click here to view our case study.