There is little doubt that cells have been where the majority of new insurance vehicle applications and set-ups have been in Guernsey over the past few years.
Evolution PCC can help you in many different areas.

A Cell within Evolution PCC can be used for clients who wish to have either a direct writing or reinsurance captive facility but who want to take advantage of the cost savings available by utilising a protected cell instead of a stand-alone fully incorporated captive vehicle. Typically this solution may suit small and medium sized companies where premium volumes are insufficient to justify the costs of full captive ownership but are more than sufficient to be able to benefit from the captive concept by virtue of owning a cell captive.
Cell captives might also suit larger organisations who want to reduce the amount of management time and administration associated with captive ownership and which can be dramatically reduced via the use of a protected cell. A cell captive facility also suits companies with specific needs or requirements such as requiring a short-term solution for a specific risk more suited to a protected cell rather than a fully incorporated vehicle. A protected cell within Evolution PCC allows for faster and lower cost entry and exit than the captive alternative and Robus as Managers of Evolution PCC have practical experience of setting up similar vehicles.

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