Evolution PCC is a very flexible risk vehicle and every application to utilise our vehicle will be assessed on a case by case basis.
We have provided some examples of where we should be able to assist you in providing a protected cell solution

Cell Captive using Evolution PCC

A Cell within Evolution Insurance PCC can be used for clients who wish to have either a direct writing or reinsurance captive facility but who want to take advantage of the cost savings available by utilising a protected cell instead of a stand-alone fully incorporated captive insurance vehicle. Protected cells can issue insurance policies and access reinsurance markets, just like a standalone captive insurance company.
A typical structure of operation is as follows:

 Typically this solution may suit small and medium sized companies where premium volumes are insufficient to justify the costs of full captive ownership but are more than sufficient to be able to benefit from the captive concept by virtue of owning a cell captive.
Cell captives might also suit larger organisations who want to reduce the amount of management time and administration associated with captive ownership and which can be dramatically reduced via the use of a protected cell.
A cell captive facility also suits companies with specific needs or requirements such as requiring a short-term solution for a specific risk more suited to a protected cell rather than a fully incorporated vehicle.
Other than compulsory classes of liability business, there is no restriction as to the type of insurance contract which can be written by a protected cell, with the following types of coverage being possible by way of just a few examples:
Property Damage / Business Interruption
Personal Accident
Credit Risk
Political Risks
Marine / Inland Transit
Environmental Liability
Payment Protection Insurance
Professional Indemnity
Directors & Officers
Employee Benefits


This list is by no means exhaustive and any insurance programme would be considered subject to meeting the underwriting and funding criteria of the Board of Evolution Insurance PCC.
Evolution Insurance PCC also has access to EU licensed paper through its sister operation, Evolution Insurance Company Limited, a Gibraltar licensed and regulated insurance company which is able to write insurance in all EU/EEA territories.
A protected cell within Evolution Insurance PCC allows for faster and lower cost entry and exit than the captive alternative and Robus as Managers of Evolution Insurance PCC have extensive experience of setting up these vehicles and the Robus team have done so successfully for many years.
Should you require any additional information on the activities and EU capabilities of the Evolution Group then please do not hesitate to contact William Bidwell in the first instance or a member of the Robus service team.